Understanding of the internet

I will be doing work about how the internet works


A user is generally a person who operates or conrtrols a computer or network service. A user has a user account which the network system usually identified by a user name.Since users has access to the system, they can do anything that they're allowed to at their will. People using a computer should have a account to access it next time. 3 important attributes are: Commerce, Entertainment and Information


A browser is used to browse and interact information throughout the World Wide Web. Information is identified by a URL(Uniform Resource Location) which is basicially a site. Known browsers are:Google, Yahoo and Bing.


A device is a piece of mechanical equipment that is used by users. Devices are always used everyday for various reasons like: Web Browsing,social media and entertainment.A common is a PC, which everyone should own.


A Internet Service Provider is a company that provides server accessing for users to the internet. Internet Service Provider companies may make it for a purpose whether it's public, or for commerical advertisments or privately owned, every provider does the same thing. If you were to connect with someone in your area, the local area network (LAN) provider will connect with the person you're trying to communicate with.


World Wide Web




Fiber Optic Cables

A Fiber Optic Cable is a thread of glass engineered to reflect light. When you send a beam of light down a cable, light bounces up and down the cable until it is received at the other end. Depending on the bounce angle, you can actually send multiple bits at the same time, with all of them travelling at the speed of light.




LANs,RANs and WANs


URL, also known as "Uniform Resource Location", is the address of a world wide web page. A URL can be anything like a site. A common URL has three main things: A protocol, a hostname and a file name.

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